Dean Alexander Aslett has collected Antony Price menswear for a quarter of a century and pieces from The Dean Aslett collection have featured in menswear publications like Arena and GQ.

Iconic Antony Price menswear featured in The Dean Aslett Collection include Price’s

  • Cire/Leather Single Breasted Suit as worn by Bryan Ferry, David Bowie and Duran Duran circa 1979 -1984

  • Black Venetian Wool Riding Suit as worn by Duran Duran’s Nick Rhodes circa 1987

  • Navy/Pinstripe Double Breasted Wool Suit as worn by Duran Duran’s Nick Rhodes/ABC’s Martin Fry circa 1987

  • Black Single Breasted Mohair “Bum Freezer” Italian Suit as worn by Nick Kamen circa 1988

  • Black Grosgrain Double Breasted Dinner Suit as work by Spandau Ballet’s Gary Kemp circa 1989

  • Thunder Grey BirdsEye Mohair Single Breasted Suit as seen in Antony Price’s  Camden Palace Show 1980

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Dean also has collected a vast array of Menswear pieces from 1980s’ iconic stores including Artificial Eye, Boy, Hyper-Hyper, Johnson’s La Rocka, PX, Robot, Rock A Cha, Rocket and Strip.

Before the New Romantic Revolution, the fashion world had considered rock/pop music to be “sweaty” the domain of the working classes and vice versa, the rock world had considered the fashion world to be “snobby”.

It was only the creative influence of Antony Price and Bryan Ferry that changed this in the early 1970s with the ground breaking album covers’ art, clothes and stage sets he created for Roxy Music that fused fashion/glamour with music.

Prices’ influence went onto influence not only the rock and pop world but much later – the entire fashion business, developing an obsession with appearance and pose that has escalated in the rock, pop and fashion business ever since.

The point at which I became aware of music was in the late seventies/early eighties. I was fascinated by the relationship between fashion and music at this time with the advancement of “new wave” bands.

Music from David Bowie, Blondie, Gary Numan & Hazel O’Conner and then later Visage, Duran Duran, Japan and The Cure really shaped my aesthetic view of the world. It was an important time in this respect because modern fashion as we know it today was moulded at this point but the seeds had been sown a lot earlier in the early seventies with bands like Roxy Music and David Bowie.

The magical stores/stalls that I visited in the Kings Road, Kensington and Camden Market had a heartfelt influence in myself becoming a personal stylist.

My twin brother Gavin was very advanced in discovering new music and fashion. He was a “futurist punk” at the age of twelve. His idols being Steve Strange from “Visage” and later Ian Astbury from the band, “Southern Death Cult”.

He delighted in taking the 68 bus from South Croydon Bus Garage (near to where we lived as kids) to go to Camden Market on a Sunday morning for 10p! His ambition was to go to the Camden Palace Night Club (that Steve Strange and DJ Rusty Egan had set up) but alas he was too young to get in, even disguised in full costume and make up!

Stores that really appealed to me at this time were Artificial Eye, Boy, Flip!, Hyper-Hyper, Johnson’s La Rocka, Plaza (Antony Price), PX, Robot, Rock A Cha, Rocket and Strip.
I started rummaging around these stalls/stores at the age of twelve in the autumn of 1982. These stores consisted of a combination of young & upcoming designers trading their wears with a mix of selected second-hand merchandise.






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